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It is a special programme that helps to remove trash that interferes with the operation of the phone. It is a free optimizer that improves the efficiency of the gadget and its protection. Upon installation, the programme immediately begins to optimize the smartphone and after a while it starts working as new. You can download Phone Cleaner with an English interface from the link at the bottom of the page. 

Phone Cleaner — professional care for your smartphone  

When you actively use the Internet, the gadget’s memory is gradually filled with cache and trash. If you do not delete this trash right away, you may encounter such problems:  

  • Lagging, 
  • Slow work, 
  • Abnormal game crashes, 
  • Unauthorized termination. 

In order to avoid those unwanted problems, it is best to allow the Phone Cleaner to restore order in the file system of the gadget. 

File size:1,4 Мб
DeveloperApps Clean
Runs onAndroid higher 4.1

Even if you have an antivirus on your phone, you should download the Phone Cleaner.  It is a universal cleaner that has been a hit on the PC platform for a long time and is still at top to this day. Coming to mobile systems in the form of an APK, it is quickly gaining popularity and becoming an indispensable tool for optimizing the Android phone system and preventing users from downloading harmful software, as some versions have built-in virus protection.  


Rating indicators put the Phone Cleaner on a par with well-known Android apps like CCleaner and Du Speed Booster and but the Phone Cleaner surpasses them in functionality. You can download the Phone Cleaner and make sure that the users who prefer this programme are telling the truth, because there is no way that they are wrong! 

Where to download the Phone Cleaner – free for Android and how to use it 

The Google-approved app can be downloaded from the Google Play store or via the direct link at the end of the page. 
After downloading and installing it on your smartphone or tablet, the programme will automatically scan the device for files that need to be deleted. It will show all aspects and perform the necessary actions to improve the performance of the gadget, coordinating them with you. Useful built-in features of the Phone Cleaner:

  • Free antivirus; 
  • Trash Cleaner; 
  • Safe browsing; 
  • App Blocking; 
  • Wi Fi Security; 
  • Phone Booster; 
  • Application manager; 
  • Notification Clearing; 
  • CPU cooler; 
  • Duplicate photos search and cleanup. 

In terms of functionality the Phone Cleaner is not inferior to DU Battery Saver, CCleaner, battery booster and AVG, 360 Security antivirus, which are completely dedicated to only one task. The Phone Cleaner beats them in terms of simplicity of the interface, low CPU load and its versatility.

The Phone Cleaner app is constantly updated and the new version includes: secure VPN connection. Improved antivirus scanning. Optimized speed and performance of the app, and fixed the bugs.

The Phone Cleaner is an effective and safe tool for cleaning your tablet or Android phone. It will not only remove unnecessary files and trash, but also increase the working speed of the gadget by freeing up RAM. Install the Phone Cleaner app, because it contains all the tools to optimize your Android device.

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